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Fresco's forum is now activated! The purpose of this forum is to provide a space for all the harmonica players, musicians and friends from all around the world to discuss and share about music! Besides, you're welcomed to register as our forum's member to enjoy more advantages from us. We don't mind if you write in either English or Chinese. So, please feel free to visit our forum and create any topics as you like (we will prefer if your topic is related to music Very Happy ). Enjoy this forum~~

Fresco论坛现已正式启用!此论坛目的是让来自全国各地的口琴爱好者,音乐家及朋友们有个空间来一起讨论及分享音乐!除此之外,您也被邀请来登记成为我们论坛的会员以享受更多的优势。我们不介意您使用华文或英文来文字交谈。所以,我们非常欢迎您来为我们的论坛开启任何标题(我们比较希望您的标题与音乐有关 Very Happy )。尽情享受此论坛~~

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